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Movie Review: The Heart of Texas

Generally, the movies that I find to have the most redeeming qualities tend to be found by most Christians to be irredeemable. What I mean by this is that most of the movies I find to have a quality story with the potential to have a positive impact are typically shunned (more fun of a word to use than “boycott” since the religious implications), largely due to language, violence, or sexual content. I am not saying that I prefer for movies to be more on the adult side, but that generally the “clean” movies lack a quality story or a solid message that is not obvious from the beginning. For instance, one of my favorite movies from recent years was Gran Torino (I will have to review that one soon, but it does not lack in the language department!).

That being said, The Heart of Texas is one of the best movies about forgiveness, redemption, and truly exhibiting Christlike behavior. Even if you are not a Christian and think that we are all hypocrites, this movie is worth watching (Most people are hypocrites, Christians just tend to have a larger percentage than most. Or at least brag about not being one the most, which makes it worse.).

I don’t want to go to in-depth because spoilers are awful, but it is the true story of a family in the heart of Texas who deals with one of the worst tragedies imaginable. I watched this with a group of friends. Many of the women left and everyone, including our tough, manly men, teared up. The unimaginable occurs. Definitely a need-to-watch.

Here is the official link. Amazon.