Biblical Counseling

What is Biblical Counseling?

There are many uses for the term “Biblical counseling.” Ours is very clear cut and is what we believe to the the proper use of the term. Biblical counseling is the focused application of Biblical truth and principles into the lives of Christians. Counseling involves all aspects of a church’s ministry.

What types of counseling do you do?

We are committed to helping you wherever you may be struggling .

Most people see us for marriage counseling. Marriage is tough. Problems can arrive daily. Communication is key regardless of the specific issue, so we typically spend a lot of time working on consistent, God honoring communication. Both spouses need to be present if at all possible.

Premarriage counseling is also very popular. Establishing a consistent foundation prevents so many issues that will come up from getting out of control. This can be done in conjunction with one of our ordained staff members performing our ceremony or if it is being performed by another minister. Please contact us for premarriage counseling 4 months before the planned wedding date.

Family counseling is quite common. Our staff has extensive experience working with teens and children. Parents are always required to be present when counseling children. Occasionally teens may have a session without their parents.

Having worked in several ministries and having some of them attempt to ruin our lives and marriages, helping pastors and their families is one of our passions You cannot lead others very well or for very long if your life and your relationships are not focused on the right things.

What does counseling look like?

Compared with many other forms of counseling, we are incredibly effective and efficient. Most counselees with see real improvement within a few sessions and counseling rarely lasts more than 8-15 sessions, 12 being the average. Considering that most patients who are in psychotherapy have expensive weekly visits for years with little progress, our process is definitely worth the extra work and focus that it requires.

Sessions typically last 1-2 hours at an interval of 1-2weeks. Our sessions are not a “magic hour” with an expert, but time for Biblical guidance with a fellow-struggler. There are projects to work in between sessions which must be done by the next session. Typically the most growth occurs while completing these assignments.

There will always be at least 3 people present for all formal counseling sessions, including counselees. When counseling an individual a trainee or second counselor is present.

All of our counselors are volunteers. Our time is very valuable to us. If counselees fail to make appointments or complete assignments, counseling may be cancelled.

How do I schedule sessions?

Please Contact Us. Someone will respond within a week. They will send you what is called a PDI which is a form we use to gather information about your situation. Once this is returned, we can schedule your first session.