Our Team

At this point in time, all of our staff is completely volunteer.

Caleb and Mandy Horn

Growing up in Colorado, Caleb has always had a passion to minister to the unique culture of Colorado. As a native, he is here because he truly loves the culture and people. Though his training was through a “conservative” school in the Bible-belt, he is a very relaxed and mellow person. It was a rewarding experience to study at a place that is so committed to Biblical truth not only because he learned how to find that truth, but also how to apply it accurately without become legalistic.

Caleb has a BA in Missions and Bible, an MA in Biblical Counseling, and is working on his ACBC Certification and Master of Divinity. He has served in church ministries in multiple roles, including youth ministry, family life, children’s ministry, counseling/discipleship, church planting, and general pastoral work, including helping start a multicultural church.  As someone who once had to visit the hospital due to stress while working in a ministry that also caused damage to his marriage, he is very passionate about helping pastors and ministers maintain proper balance between life and ministry. Caleb is an ordained minister and performs a limited number of weddings each year.

Caleb and Mandy met her first week at college. Over the next 3 years, they became close friends. She had feelings for him off and on during time. He did not reciprocate until God “hit him in the head.” After dating for another couple of years, and a very romantic and surprising proposal, they were married in the San Isabel National Forest at a camp chapel.

Mandy grew up in Kansas City. When she visited Colorado as a teenager, she knew that God would send her there one day. She has quickly assimilated into being a Coloradan. It is very confusing to watch a Broncos/Chiefs game with her as you never know who she means when she says “we,” though she is most likely referring to the Broncos!

Mandy has a BS in Elementary Education and Bible and has taken enough Biblical Counseling classes to have a better understanding of theology and counseling than many pastors. She is as passionate about ministry as Caleb is and is a very skilled counselor. She has ran several children’s ministries, worked in youth ministry, lead women’s ministries, and spoken at several retreats. As a licensed teacher, she loves working with Title 1 schools and wants to become a reading specialist. She also has a wedding planning/decorating/floral business, Rose Thorn Flowers.

Both Caleb and Mandy love the mountains, camping, and hiking, as well as a few more refined sports such as tennis (her skills are vastly superior). He also enjoys motorcycle riding, especially off road in the mountains, and playing with bears, hobbies Mandy has not picked up yet. She instead enjoys scrapbooking and a variety of other activities that drive Caleb to his video games or yard work. Caleb is slowly becoming a “master” and true barbecue (smoker) while Mandy is a Pampered Chef Consultant, so they generally eat very good food.

Jim and Terry MacKey

Jim grew up in Montana (the northern part east of the mountains, think Falcon with more wind and much colder…Brrrrrr!) and attended church with his parents in his small home town.  He started helping as a teen with Vacation Bible School events at the church.

With a BA in Psychology and an MA in Community Counseling, Jim has a broad understanding of secular counseling. He has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado since 2001, and was a National Certified Counselor from 2001 to 2006.  He began his career looking to become a community counselor in private practice.  Since receiving his MA, he has worked in mental health centers, child placement agencies, and residential child care facilities as distant as Sterling, CO.

In 2006 while at a marriage retreat with Terry, God called Jim to direct his counseling abilities towards biblically-consistent counseling. While in school he had seen many deficiencies and conflicting ideals in secular counseling.  As a result, Jim is working on his ACBC Certification so that he can better minister Biblical truth to individuals. He loves to show people how the Bible gives us all we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). He is passionate about seeing parents teach their children God’s Word and helping them see the importance of God in all their lives.

Jim and Terry met at a friend’s wedding in 2001, became friends, and dated until 2004 when Jim asked Terry to marry him.  They married in 2005 at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs.

Terry grew up in Northwest Florida in a family rich in love and faith, but not much else. She was married right out of high school, was a military wife and had four children who she loves very much.

Fifteen years later, she found herself as a single mom. She eventually ran out of being able to handle everything on her own strength and fully turned back to God. This started her on a journey of healing and love that helped her better understand God’s grace.

Meeting Jim was a huge blessing. She has been able to see how a God-honoring marriage functions better than trying to follow other plans (or no plan at all).

One of Terry’s main goals is to help women in particular see how relying on God makes all the difference in both life and marriage. With her past experiences she has a unique perspective compared with the rest of team that lets her help people (especially women) through broken marriages and divorce.   Her other main focus is to help kids see themselves and life situations as God sees them.  Terry owns nearly every Veggie Tales video produced and is working to complete the collection.  In her spare time, Terry enjoys baking and providing goodies to go with Caleb and Mandy’s “very good food.”

Jim and Terry enjoy the outdoors and have spent time together mentoring youth through a local Boy Scout Troop where Jim was a Scoutmaster.  They take a yearly vacation to Country Jam every year in Grand Junction.  Jim is hoping that his smoker and grill skills improve so that he can give Caleb a run for his money.